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Testimonials: The Book

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Here is my Clomid EP baby!! And as much as I laud this book for my children, I also really believe it helped save my life. I was a prisoner of my ED and the book and the women of it helped set me free. Thank you.

Hi, I got my copy of the book yesterday and am already like halfway done. Thank you so much for writing this! It totally affirmed my decision to cut out running entirely for the time being. It does a great job of explaining why "recovery" levels of exercise should be different from normal levels of exercise,...


I never thought I would say this about a self-help/how to book, because I am a big time literary snob, but No Period Now What changed my life more than any other book I’ve ever read. It’s hard to convey how profoundly transformative it was for me. And it wasn’t the first time I learned about HA. I had been reading about HA and I basically understood what I needed to do to recover for about a year before I found NPNW. But I didn’t have the inner strength and motivation to actually go all in until I read the book. After reading NPNW, I got to a point where it was harder to keep doing what I was doing than it was to change. It was still hard to change, but certain things you can’t “unlearn” and I had no choice.

I have to say, in the few chapters I've read so far it has been the best reading material for HA. I lost my period about 18 months now and I am at the stage where eating and gaining weight is absolutely terrifying for me. I went from 184 to 118 to currently 134 and I want to train for the NYC marathon...

Testimonials: Support Group


Having never had a natural period of my own and having always been a varsity athlete and restrictive eater, I was always worried about the possibility of infertility. When my husband and I decided to try for a baby and I stopped the birth control pill, I was devastated when I didn’t get a period and was told I might never be able to have children. Luckily, I found the wise advice of Nico, and through her and the forum’s support was able to take the plunge, stopping exercise and gaining over 30 pounds to a healthy fertile weight. This formula WORKED and I am now blessed to be 28 weeks pregnant with my precious baby girl. Furthermore, I am more confident in myself than I’ve ever been and have learned that self worth has NOTHING to do with body image. I never would be here without the wise research and support the findings in this book provided me.

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I can’t thank you enough for starting this group. Not only did it save my life in more ways than one, but it gave me the best gifts!

I love sharing recovery stories! There seems to be a new one just about every day in my FB support group - despite it going against so much...

Every day women in my FB support group are posting about getting their first, second, third recovery period. Sometimes the journey is quick...

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