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Ever since I found the FertileThoughts forum in May of 2006 I have gotten so much enjoyment, fulfillment, and satisfaction out of working with other women with no periods to try and help not only recover missing menstrual cycles, but also to learn about how much more free and joyful life can be, with the bonus of regaining health. And getting pregnant if that’s in the plans at the moment 🙂 And now – I’ve taken the huge leap of quitting my “day job” (project manager at MIT) to work with women one-on-one – hopefully helping lots more people, while at the same time making me sooo much happier!

I wanted to share what you will get from working with me that is unique based on my years of experience working (in an unofficial capacity until now) with women with HA both on period recovery and getting pregnant. Much of what I know is in my book (No Period.  Now What?) but sometimes it can be hard to take general recommendations and work out how to apply them to your specific situation. We can do that together!

diagnosing and recovering missing periods

  • I can help you understand your hormone and ultrasound results and whether they point to HA, PCOS, or something else.
  • We will talk through your history and where you’re at now with eating and exercise; I can help you plan big changes, or make small tweaks to take you the last few steps if you’re most of the way there.
  • I can recommend medicines or supplements to try (working in concert with your physician) that are specific to your situation – your hormone levels, goals, timeframes…

getting pregnant

  • I understand the menstrual cycle in and out. If you’re doing fertility treatments and things aren’t going as expected, I can help you figure out what to change, what other avenues to try, etc.
  • I am very well versed in different fertility treatment protocols, often making suggestions to women that their doctors haven’t thought of but end up being successful.
  • I understand the interplay between wanting to do things naturally versus wanting them to happen more quickly, and can give you sound recommendations that will move you along the path you want to follow in a way that feels comfortable to you.
  • I can alleviate concerns around some of the medications – for example, explaining how Clomid and Femara work, that they are essentially pushing your body to make all the hormones it needs, so it’s way more effective than, say, bcp. I can tell you what to expect with injects and IVF cycles. I can help you understand when your doctors dosing recommendations make sense, and when you might want to question them or suggest a different route.
  • I know the common problems and issues that arise during treatment cycles and I can prep you with what to ask your doctor for, and how to support your requests with science.

added benefits

  • If there’s something I don’t already know, I will go and find out for you! A client recently asked me whether she should cut out caffeine while trying to recover her cycles. I hadn’t ever looked into that, so I told her I’d have to take a look before making a recommendation. I then went and searched the medical literature and found a couple of studies that looked specifically at the effect of caffeine on reproductive hormone levels and anovulatory cycles, which found caffeine not to have negative effects; in fact, it may even be beneficial (blog post in the works!) Another client told me she had been seeing online that ALC should not be taken when someone is hypothyroid – again I went to the medical literature as it was not something I had any prior knowledge of, and found a number of studies where ALC was used in both hyper- and hypo-thyroid patients (see comments on this post for references) – ALC was effective in helping with thyroid related symptoms, and did not cause any untoward side effects. (another blog post coming!)
  • Finally, having gone through this myself, I get it. I get the fears, the unknowns, the questions, the fear… and I can help you combat those feelings with solid evidence.  I can’t come and give you a hug, but I can do the next best thing by alleviating your anxiety and worries as much as possible, with science and data.

Work with me

If you want to learn more, I describe what I offer in more detail on my “work with me” page… or if you’re ready to book an appointment, click here 🙂




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