Jennifer’s Success Story

Saying hello / goodbye to the Sun.

Today was the first day in 17 years that I actually did not do any kind of workout and I was fine. NO crawling up the walls or out of my skin. NO bad moods. In fact after work I spent a few hours with my parents just talking. My mom was in tears because she has her daughter back. I feel clear and strong. For those of you that feel like you have to work out everyday or else you will hate yourself like I did most of my life, just let go. You deserve to feel good about yourself. No one can take that away from you. What I find works for me is I take everyday as it comes. No tomorrow and no yesterday. JUST the present. Live in the moment. It took me a full year to really work on this, but I am so close to having my dreams come true. I realize if you want something bad enough, you’re willing to work on those things that are in your way.

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