Work With Me


Dr. Nicola Rinaldi, lead author of No Period. Now What? Has been helping women with hypothalamic amenorrhea / no periods recover their missing cycles (and get pregnant if they so desire) for over a decade. It is well worth reading through NPNW first so that you understand the basics, but if you’d like advice tailored to your specific situation, Dr. Nico can help! Any questions you have from recovery, to trying to conceive, to regaining cycles postpartum, to conceiving again is fair game

We offer two options that can be tailored to meet your needs:

  1. To answer a few questions and provide clarification on aspects of the book specific to your situation, we suggest a 30-minute phone consultation ($60).
  2. To help guide you through recovery and/or getting pregnant, we offer a six-week package, with 30-45 minute phone consults each week and email support ($350).

Some NPNW babies 🙂