Table of Contents

Part 1: Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Nuts and Bolts

1. No Period?
2. Factors in HA: What You Eat
3. Factors in HA: Exercise and Stress
4. Diagnosis
5. Hypothalama-WHAT??
6. The HA/PCOS Conundrum
7. Brittle Bones and Other Health Consequences of HA

Part 2: The Recovery Plan—Changing Your Habits and Your Life

8. You Want Me to Eat WHAT??. The HA Recovery Plan
9. Putting Recovery into Practice
10. What to Expect
11. Expanding . . . Mentally and Physically
12. The HA Recovery Plan: Exercise Changes
13. There is More to Life Than Exercise
14. Running Toward Recovery
15. Partners in Recovery
16. Recovering Natural Cycles
17. Still No Period?!

Part 3: When it Takes More Than an “Oops” to Get Pregnant

18. Getting Pregnant
19. Luteal Phase
20. When You Need a Jump-start
21. Popping Pills to Ovulate: Oral Medications
22. Shooting up: Injectables
23. Medicated Ovulation and Beyond
24. In Vitro Fertilization

Part 4: What Comes Next?

25. I’m Pregnant—Now What??
26. Miscarriage
27. Postpartum, Cycling, and Conceiving Again
28. Long-term Health

Part 5: Stories of Hope

29. The Road to Recovery