I have no period. What’s going on?

Having no period is becoming more and more common as women strive to achieve today’s ideals of “health.” The problem is that taking habits that can be healthy in moderation to an extreme can lead to no periods and a host of physical and mental complications that come along with the missing hormones. (And note that some women lose periods without being “extreme” depending on their system’s level of sensitivity.)

There are five factors that play into hypothalamic amenorrhea / no period (which we abbreviate as HA, pronouncing each letter separately),
1. Restricted eating – in terms of either quantity, variety, or both
2. Exercise – for many it’s an hour plus a day, but can be less than that too
3. Weight / BMI / Bodyfat – tend to be on the low side of normal, but not for everyone (and we include information specifically for women who have a “normal” or “above normal” BMI)
4. Stress – can be from many sources such as family, job, grief, even just the work of living up to our often perfectionist ideals
5. Genetics – out of our control, unfortunately

We’ve also found that many women diagnosed with “lean PCOS” in fact have HA and benefit from following the Recovery Plan outlined in our book (and ebook), “No Period. Now What?“.

The book contains our collective knowledge on a wide range of topics, including:

  • everything you need to know about HA
  • how to recover your periods or make getting pregnant much easier
  • details about medical assistance you might use
  • the basics of pregnancy after HA, miscarriage, and common postpartum questions
  • how to continue with your new lifestyle for the long term
  • the very important piece of support through making these changes

In addition, NPNW contains the authors’ stories and the stories of hundreds of other women we have helped through the years. The Recovery Plan *works*. Pick up your copy of the book and get started on YOUR recovery journey!

Here’s the info from the back cover…

Has your period gone missing?

You’re not alone. People tend to think that loss of menstrual cycles only happens to Olympic-level athletes or people with eating disorders. But it turns out you can have seemingly healthy eating and exercise habits and still be faced with a missing monthly cycle. In fact, your lifestyle may be the culprit.

No matter how long you’ve been without a period, our Recovery Plan will guide you on the path to regaining your cycle and improving your long-term health and fertility. This comprehensive book will:

  • Explain what is happening in your body and why
  • Present guidelines for how much and what to eat (Good news! They’re probably a lot more fun than what you’re used to!)
  • Provide exercise recommendations
  • Support you through the challenges of changing your habits
  • Explain fertility treatments that can help achieve pregnancy if you still need assistance

In No Period. Now What? Dr. Nicola Rinaldi shares her extensive research on hypothalamic amenorrhea as well as her own experience with recovery. Additional contributors include eating disorder speaker Stephanie Buckler, fitness coach Lisa Sanfilippo Waddell, and hundreds of other women who have taken this journey and come out the other side with cycles, babies, and a better understanding of what it means to be healthy.

Now it’s your turn. Are you ready to recover?