Nicola Rinaldi

Nico has a PhD in computational biology Image courtesy of Michelle Baileyfrom MIT. After graduating she worked for a biotechnology company while pursuing her dreams of a family, which were thwarted by a diagnosis of hypothalamic amenorrhea (no periods). Eighteen months of trying to conceive followed. She spent hours on research, using the knowledge gained to work on recovery. Concurrently, she tried the medical route to pregnancy, with multiple doctor visits, injections, and ultrasounds resulting only in failure. Ultimately, she was able to achieve a natural pregnancy. Since that time, Nicola has shared her knowledge of the path to recovery, helping hundreds of others achieve their dreams of womanhood and pregnancy. She has spent the last three years as a stay-at-home mom, with her three boys, Antony, Timmy, and Cameron, while writing this comprehensive guide to recovery.

Stephanie Buckler

Steph is a mother, runner, lawyer, health policy Stephadvocate, and motivational speaker. For the past ten years, Stephanie has dedicated her life to the improvement of health care for all. She studied health care law and policy at Brandeis University and Suffolk University Law School, and is barred in Massachusetts and New York. In 2010, Stephanie regained her health by recovering from an eating disorder and beating hypothalamic amenorrhea. Today she has two beautiful children, advocates for high quality, accessible care, runs marathons, and gives inspirational speeches to those battling eating disorders.

Lisa Sanfilippo Waddell

Lisa is a lifetime student of science and human performance. LisaShe has been involved in the fitness industry in a variety of levels from gym manager to owner and coach. Her interest began at 13 followed by running competitively at 17, not so coincidentally that’s when her monthly cycle problems started. For the next 23 + years she vacillated between no period and irregular cycles. During this time she battled an eating disorder and then disordered eating which compounded the issue. Eventually, using many of the steps you will find in this book, she overcame these hurdles and regained her period. Lisa remains passionate in her coaching and is committed to educating and helping the next generation do the same.