Hi, I got my copy of the book yesterday and am already like halfway done. Thank you so much for writing this! It totally affirmed my decision to cut out running entirely for the time being. It does a great job of explaining why “recovery” levels of exercise should be different from normal levels of exercise, and even if I’m not exercising excessively, it’s still a good idea to majorly cut back. Continue reading


I actually have never had a natural period. I was diagnosed with a pituitary prolactinoma at age 16 and was put immediately on the birth control pill to protect my bones. Fast forward 11 years to when my husband and I wanted to try for a baby, aaaaannnndddd… I didn’t get a period. Doctors conducted a plethora tests and didn’t know what was wrong, so I basically self-diagnosed myself with HA after doing a ton of research online and finding the Fertile Thoughts forum. Continue reading


I have to say, in the few chapters I’ve read so far it has been the best reading material for HA. I lost my period about 18 months now and I am at the stage where eating and gaining weight is absolutely terrifying for me. I went from 184 to 118 to currently 134 and I want to train for the NYC marathon this summer. Reading about your journey and the other women’s has really hit home. I hope I have the strength one day to make myself healthy again. Just know that this book is very special, especially for people like me whose doctors, nutritionists, etc have said I was OK without my period so essentially gave me no guidance.


No Period. Now What? is awesome. I’ve never seen a book with such a balance of science and humanity. I love that every single page is speckled with our stories. It’s like reading my own diary. And then it’s all backed up with more research that I ever knew existed. I can’t imagine the amount of work that went into this. Your dedication is unreal. It fills me with pride – for you, for all of us, for all our beautiful babies. And I know it will fill future readers with hope and strength. Your impact is immeasurable